“Set your watch by his punctuality, marvel at his computer skills, most of all don’t worry - he always delivers. Simply a vital commodity”
John Lander, Lander Design
“Having worked on a number of major projects together, we have hit a level of understanding bordering on intuitive, which is about as efficient as you can get”
Rick Macdonald, Macdonald & Co.
“Adam’s able to convert our thoughts of what we need for leaflets, publicity and promotional items into something that’s visually on the button and cost effective”
Brian Gibbs, The Salvation Army
“We’ve been using Adam for about 10 years now, he has always been attentive to our requirements and meets the deadline every time”
CardPOS Europe
“A pleasure to work with, his Photoshop work is outstanding and he has quickly picked up the style and feel of my photography”
Neil Holden Photography
“Adam is very knowledgable of the industry and the kit that’s used. His ability to hit deadlines is second to none and is a very rounded designer”
Matt Hirst, H2 Creative
“His flexible approach and focus on providing a service that meets our needs in terms of quality and turnaround sets him apart from some other providers”
Brian Gibbs, The Salvation Army
“We asked SIlent-G to come up with a striking new logo and stationery and they did not disappoint”
Mark Puffett, Mll Print and Digital